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Florian Degenève
A unique historic heritage

Famille Degenève

The story of a family and a passion for cars transmitted from generation to generation.

Heir to a family dynasty of car enthusiasts since 1900, Florian Degenève started his career at the age of 15 when he joined the Toyota and Lexus dealership in Gaillard, France, then owned by his father : Jean-Pierre Degenève. Together with his brothers, who each had their own different vision and passion for cars, they developed the Degenève Group and created two other concessions.

With the drive to expand internationally and to develop closer ties with the country of his forebears to which he was especially attached, Florian decided to take over a garage with similar values and representing two brands dear to his heart. In 2011, he acquired the Garage du Lac in Bellevue.

Over the years, his passion for cars and this new challenge allowed him to expand his knowledge and to look at other brands in order to suit the taste and requirements of his clients. Today, The Garage du Lac offers a wide range of new and second-hand models that are as luxurious as they are exclusive. With the benefit of his extensive experience and his desire to fulfil his clients' expectations, Florian is sure to find you the car of your dreams in line with what you wish to spend.

His interest in other luxury models is no way prevents him from remaining both passionate about and a specialist in the two brands which gave him his taste and passion for cars. Toyota and Lexus will remain angraved in his heart forever. Signature Florian Degenève

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